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Hi Im Nury (Nu-D) Doval, the owner of NuBeauty but you can call me Ashley.

I am the youngest of five siblings.

I enjoy my family and taking care of them.

This is mostly likely the reason I became a medical assistant in 2016.

Working in medical offices I discovered that I have a passion for helping people become healthy and happy.  

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I officially started my first business in 2018 doing Eyelash extensions. In 2019 I went to school and became licensed as an Esthetician. With that I also provide Body Contouring services, Est 2021. When it comes to Hair Xtensions I have always been intrigued, just never educated myself on that particular market until I took a virtual hair class in 2020. Excited to put all my knowledge into practice, August 2021 I launched NuBeauty Xtensions, consists of both lash and hair Xtensions. God has truly helped me along the way guiding me to what my business has become today. Providing quality services like lash extensions, body contouring, and supplying quality hair are all a part of my purpose. I thoroughly enjoy encouraging, beautifying, and enhancing the natural beauty of women. I will continue to do this with God’s help and I look forward to what the future holds for NuBeauty.

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